A year of many changes, renewal and news. It is part of the profile of FESTURIS Gramado – International Tourism Trade Show to promote and anticipate trends for the tourism market with a pioneering spirit and always promoting the generation of effective business for the trade. Therefore, one of the great news of 2018 is the Meeting FESTURIS – Content and Networking.
The Meeting will promote a differentiated space with a lot of content and business opportunity and, with limited vacancies, on the two mornings of the event on November 09th and 10th, at the Master Gramado Hotel. To implement this project, the management of FESTURIS hired the company Prisma Consulting from Porto Alegre, led by Tania Brizola and Marcia Godinho.
Registration for the Meeting FESTURIS  opens this week on the FESTURIS website: «This is one more news that we are bringing to 2018, and that will mark the accomplishment of the 30th edition of FESTURIS. We will promote a qualified offer of even greater content than we usually offer to the professionals of Tourism that participate in the trade show. In addition to the various content rooms, lectures and arenas that will be heavily programmed within the Business Fair in Serra Park, we are creating the opportunity for participating professionals to register and participate in the Meeting FESTURIS at the Hotel Master in the mornings». Said Marta Rossi, CEO of the event.
The Meeting FESTURIS will have limited vacancies for approximately 500 professionals interested in participating in an experience that will have a Living Area, Network Lounge, Notables Lounge, Institutional Area and two Content Rooms with parallel programming on the mornings of the days 9th and 10th of November. Registrations are confirmed upon payment. The main names and success cases of national and international Tourism will participate in the content grid. The idea is to provide a complete event offering content, experiences and business generation for the enrolled. The program should air in the following days, as well as the confirmation of the first speakers. Themes such as Smart Cities, Technology Experience, Travel Experience, Creative Economy in Tourism and Gastronomy should set the tone for the Meeting FESTURIS.
How the Meeting registration works
The Meeting FESTURIS will have exclusive registration. Interested professionals may register to take part in this novelty through the FESTURIS website. The registration for the Meeting FESTURIS at the Master Gramado Hotel will also give access to the Trade Show in Serra Park. The professionals registered for the Trade Show in Serra Park will not have access to the Meeting FESTURIS, and specific registration is required. This process is necessary because the vacancies are limited to 500 professionals. More information at the e-mail: