Una nueva generación de moda sostenible y limpia ha llegado.


Sustainable and «Trashy» Clothing

Fashion Week hits New York, London and Milan this month, and one of the biggest trends is the new wave of sustainable fashion. After decades of environmentally destructive materials, we’ll see radical innovation in eco-friendly textiles. You might be wearing clothes/shoes made of recycled plastic bottles and food waste—or mushrooms and algae—this year.

This is an excerpt from «Well Fashion — Way Beyond Athleisure” 2019 Global Wellness Trends Report.


Summit Trend in the News

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Forecasting The Future

  • The future is a new intersection between “wellness” and “fashion” that goes way beyond the familiar story of athleisure disrupting the market. One key aspect is a consumer shift to sustainable brands, which a mountain of surveys and stats confirm is truly underway.
  • People are getting real and taking a hard look at their own fashion consumption behavior—with more people starting to wear their environmental values (literally) on their sleeve.
  • New technologies will make possible a new generation of sustainable, “clean” materials.
  • This will be the year that more people trade in the addictive endorphins of manic fashion consumption for the serotonin (true happiness) of choosing clothes that are not only sustainable but also ethical, actively healing and meaningful.